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    GW Chaplain: You Are Good and You Are Loved

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    If Mama Ain’t Happy…

    Sep 30 If Mama Ain’t Happy…

    When I was growing up, our parish priest would talk often about how men needed to be good fathers and to be active presences in their homes. He would usually start out talking about how if you want to love your kids, the most important thing you have to do first is to love your wife. He’d then grin and say, “Remember guys, if mama ain’t happy…” to which the men in the congregation...

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    The Future of Truth and Charity

    Sep 23 The Future of Truth and Charity

    The blog Truth and Charity has always been a running commentary on living the tenets of Catholicism amidst the hustle and bustle of American life. All of the contributors come from different backgrounds, different areas of the country, different vocations, but we read the same readings every Sunday. We have the same love of Catholicism, allegiance to the Magisterium and calling to share the...

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    A ‘rule’ for schools: Building hope in Newark

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    Why Do I Write Blog Posts?

    Aug 26 Why Do I Write Blog Posts?

    I ask myself this question often. What makes sitting in front of my computer and organizing my thoughts a productive use of my time when the alternative activities for baby’s nap time (aka my recess) are: dishes, cleaning, sleep, a few episodes of The Office, reading, or catching up with a friend? What drives me to give my very precious break to something so amorphous? Primarily, I...

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