A ‘rule’ for schools: Building hope in Newark

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Why Do I Write Blog Posts?

Aug 26 Why Do I Write Blog Posts?

I ask myself this question often. What makes sitting in front of my computer and organizing my thoughts a productive use of my time when the alternative activities for baby’s nap time (aka my recess) are: dishes, cleaning, sleep, a few episodes of The Office, reading, or catching up with a friend? What drives me to give my very precious break to something so amorphous? Primarily, I...

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On Learning How To Wife

Aug 12 On Learning How To Wife

I’ll be honest, before I got married I thought being a wife looked pretty easy from the outside. How hard could planning one meal every evening, grocery shopping, cleaning, respecting the man you love and chose to be with, and getting him into heaven, possibly be? …uhhhh, as it turns out, it’s actually pretty challenging, and learning how to do it can’t happen over...

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Distinguishing Rationalization from the Right

Jul 22 Distinguishing Rationalization from the Right

It’s incredible to me the number of times I’ll be talking to a friend and they’ll admit to doing something wrong and then spend the next ten minutes expounding upon why it was ultimately a good thing that they chose the wrong action instead of pursuing righteousness. Friends who are guilty of sexual immorality, cheating, lying, and other sins will admit these sins to me and then talk about...

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The Newest Way to Use Women’s Bodies

Jul 08 The Newest Way to Use Women’s Bodies

For centuries, a small minority of men have used women’s bodies for their own physical pleasure. Through a multitude of sexual sin, such as rape and prostitution, wicked men used and continue to use women as physical objects with complete disregard for their personhood along with their emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing. There was a general consensus among people of most cultural and...

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