App Review: FOCUSequip

by Micah Murphy

Download the FOCUSequip App for iOS now!

Bible? Check.
Catechism? Check.
Denim jeans and a Sunday shirt? Check.
Joy in the Spirit? Double check.

You are one hip evangelizin’ stud. You’ve got everything you need to spread the Word of God to young adults on the quad or the guys at work. There’s only one thing missing: how to walk onto that campus or workplace and make Jesus even better known than the local barista or to make Him the talk of the office water cooler. What you need is some equipment.

Yeah, there’s an app for that. The Fellowship of Catholic University Students has just what you need: FOCUSequip. Whether you have an iPhone, an iPad, or an Android, you’ll be good to go.

I’ve had the pleasure the last few days of reviewing the free new app from FOCUS. Don’t let your iPad’s weight fool you: this thing is heavy with content.

The first thing I discovered was its appearance. It is a sleek, visually crisp app, and that’s important in a world of marketing. The first lesson of FOCUS equip may be learned before you read a single word: make the Gospel appealing. The second lesson follows quickly: ease of use. Three tabs at the bottom, that’s all. It’s very simple, the way the Christian life should be. What if all evangelization were this simple and attractive?

But let’s not favor form over function: FOCUSequip is meant to prepare everyday Catholic men and women for the work of the new evangelization. It does so with a those three simple tabs I mentioned a moment ago:

    • Media – In the media section, you will find a fair selection of introductory video clips on a variety of topics, as well as full audio of popular talks from the last few FOCUS conferences, with names like Curtis Martin, Dr. Ted Sri, Jeff Cavins, Mark Hart, Fr. Benedict Groeschel, Matthew Kelly, Lila Rose, and Archbishop Charles Chaput. The audio talks can be downloaded and played from your favorite mobile device any time. Seriously, I can just plug my iPad into my auxiliary port in my car and listen to like 10 straight hours of Curtis Martin & Co. on my way to FOCUS Conference.

    • Resources – Got access to air? Great! Does it have 3G or Wifi flowing through it with your name on it? Fantastic! You can access and lead Bible study straight from your mobile device through a convenient web portal. But wait, there’s more! You can also review how to lead a Bible study, how to evangelize, and how to disciple while you wait for your study group to show up. Wondering how to reach out to that student or coworker? Pull up The Art of Asking Intentional Questions and you’ve got a handy, helpful checklist right there! Trying to figure out the logistics of this Bible study thing, check out the Spiritual Multiplication Depth Chart!

  • Connect – Are you ready for more? I’m sure your disciples will be. Just tap that third tab and pull up everything from the Facebook and Twitter pages for FOCUS to the store to the FOCUS website to the donations page. My favorite is the store. There are so many other great talks, resources, shirts, and studies to continue planting seeds with your disciples!

In short, I think the new FOCUS app is nothing short of astonishing. I’m grateful to FOCUS for making these products available to us, so many of them for no charge, and I want to get the word out!

It wouldn’t be a fair review if I didn’t state the (very) few things I noticed were missing, but that’s the funny nature of it: the FOCUSequip app is just missing more content. It has plenty already and it’s free, but I just can’t wait until there’s more. I wish there were some older talks, like Dr. Scott Hahn’s keynote from 2005 National Conference in Denver, when my group from the Lincoln, Nebraska Newman Center had the largest crowd. Then there’s the talk from Dr. Jonathan Reyes on Spiritual Warfare from the year before, the beginning of which I flagrantly ripped off for a similar talk at a college retreat (sorry, Dr. Reyes). I miss those talks, but there is already so much else on the app that my soul was drooling as I explored its crisply clear formatting. This, I promise you, is an app you will not regret downloading.

Just tap (or click) FOCUSequip to view it in the app store.

You’ll thank me later. Now go get your evangelization on!


  1. This wonderful app is available for Android too.

    • Yep, that’s in the article!


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