My Dream House and Gratitude

Feb 28 My Dream House and Gratitude

Second in a series of posts on virtue. The first can be found here. My husband and I are in the midst of a search for our first house. We have a limited budget, like most single income families, and I often find my imaginings for our first house to be much grander than what is actually available to us. Ever since we were married I would find myself looking at nice, large houses thinking that it...

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7 Things: The Papacy

Feb 28 7 Things: The Papacy

A few weeks ago, the pope had to step on my 7 Things series and by the time I’d recovered enough from the shock to sit down and start writing, a terrible cold came through my house one person at a time like an evil, viral version of the game telephone. Sadly, it appears I picked up the charges. Finally, let’s return to our 7 Things series. (I had been doing a 7 Things series on...

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Download This Children’s Rosary to Benefit a Grieving Family

Feb 27 Download This Children’s Rosary to Benefit a Grieving Family

In April of 2012, the mother of five children in our local Catholic school system passed away from a very brief struggle with brain cancer…

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I Heart My German Shepherd

Feb 27 I Heart My German Shepherd

The end is near. No really, it is.  It’s tomorrow.  Of Benedict’s papacy, at least. Now, there will be many, many better written reflections on this fact written by far more talented and knowledgeable writers than I, so I won’t try to compete with them.  Go read them.  Hear what they are saying about his writing, his teaching, his general correctness in just about...

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Why Conception and Procreation do not necessarily imply one another

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