Summer (Jesus) Lovin’

May 31 Summer (Jesus) Lovin’

Every summer, no matter what our occupation in life is, we usually find ourselves “taking a break.” We might not be in school and have the traditional summer hiatus from work, but there’s still a moratorium on many routines. Bible studies and prayer groups go on break because too many people go out of town at different times to make them feasible, the weather’s warmer and...

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10 Tips for New Catholic Bloggers

May 31 10 Tips for New Catholic Bloggers

A month and a half ago, I wrote a piece on the 10 signs you might be called to be a Catholic blogger. In addition to the aforementioned personal qualities, I’ve compiled a list of things that may help you form your blog.

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Confessions of an Ex-LifeTeen Musician

May 30 Confessions of an Ex-LifeTeen Musician

Music is a very, very dear thing to me and I think I was born with rock in my bones.  In my most tender years and onward, my siblings and I were not allowed to listen to anything other than religious music.  I tended toward a few select tracks by Michael W. Smith, Rick Cua and Petra.  Now, I realize that I must have been yearning for Peter Gabriel(?), Led Zeppelin(?) and AC/DC(!).  As I...

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Dyslexia of the Soul

May 30 Dyslexia of the Soul

Mikki and I married in Summer 2005, and immediately tried to have children.  We used NFP to try to conceive, and she took all the necessary vitamins to try to increase the chances of conception.  After a few years and no babies, my wife decided she wanted a dog – something small which she could nurture and cuddle. Eventually we bought a dogWe eventually bought three dogs, but one didn't...

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Can Catholics Be Transcendentalists?

May 29 Can Catholics Be Transcendentalists?

I’ve long had a strong desire to go out away from the hustle-bustle of the city and enjoy a simple life in the country, contemplating the transcendentals – truth, beauty, and goodness. Over the next few months, my family will be doing just that…

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