100,000 Views and Still Kicking


Between the dates of January 4th, 2012 and April 10th, Truth & Charity received 100,000 hits.  Our initial expectations were a bit lower than what has actually occurred.  The original vision and purpose for Truth & Charity was to provide a resource for faith and spiritual development for the other adult Catholics in our home diocese of Shreveport, LA.  We took St. Francis de Sales as our patron and, with the support of Bishop Michael Duca, began our ministry.  It became clear to us very quickly that there is a great desire for informed discussion of Catholic life and teaching; we became part of that discussion and are very thankful to you for reading, commenting on and sharing the articles written on Truth & Charity.

We are always open to suggestions as to how the website might develop and appeal to more readers.  If you have any recommendations, please click the Q&A button above and fill out the form.

-The Management